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If you’re talking to (or considering advertising to) teens on social media, you might want to adjust your strategy; there’s a new king in town. While many teens still use Facebook, their attitudes are changing quickly. They increasingly prefer alternative social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, according to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual teen market research […]Continue Reading


Check out what just came in the mail. Ah, the spoils of war (and sports)! My good friend Cliff from Callis (@callissocial), made good on our World Series bet: our Boston agency Red Sox vs. his Midwest agency St. Louis Cardinals. We bet local beer against local beer, and rather than risk mailing his local […]Continue Reading


This Friday, November 15th, is National Philanthropy Day, a day to celebrate and recognize philanthropic achievements. A big part of working with brands we believe in includes partnering with causes we believe in, such as The Kirkland Art Center, Herkimer Area Resource Center, Ride For Missing Children, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, just to name […]Continue Reading


The big box retailer is the new poster boy for losing control of your social media. Did a green intern bring down the better part of two huge companies (Home Depot and the agency who had their account), or does the blame  go higher? We may never know, but one thing’s for sure: in the […]Continue Reading


We’re thrilled and proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary at another great KAC Roadhouse event with the return of Floodwood to the KAC on Friday, December 20th. Featuring some phenomenal musicians, Floodwood is bringing audiences to their feet everywhere they play. Catch this big name band in an intimate venue. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, […]Continue Reading


For the past several years Joe Romanelli and I have made the trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for the annual BOLO conference. BOLO (“Be On The Lookout”) gathers a small group of digital industry professionals from around the country to learn about what’s next in digital media and how to tell our own stories better online. […]Continue Reading