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We’re putting a new tool to use for our clients. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be seeing these things everywhere: QR Codes. They’re like bar codes on steroids—they can pack many times more information than traditional bar codes, and launch anything from text to web URLs or video. What do you do with a […]Continue Reading


There’s nothing more synonymous with Boston than the Red Sox. Another great Boston institution is The Jimmy Fund, supporting the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since 1948. So within days of my moving back to Boston, when long-time Boston sports anchor and author Bob Halloran approached us about helping him promote his book supporting the cause, we […]Continue Reading


Remember that saying about how the whole can exceed the sum of its parts? That only works when you have some je ne sais quoi, an indefinable something that makes the parts work well together. For that reason we’re always looking for versatile people at Romanelli, multi-talented folks who can do seven different things, and […]Continue Reading


What’s the first thing any of us wants to do when we discover something new to love? Share it with others. A great new restaurant, a phenomenal movie…you want to tell everyone you know (and, let’s face it, take some credit for sharing the benefits). That was the inspiration behind a site we created with […]Continue Reading


You’re not reading this blog, because it doesn’t exist. That’s right—I’m not writing a blog this week, in honor of Labor Day, a national day of rest (why they call a day of rest “Labor Day” is another story). Anyway, I’m celebrating by NOT writing this blog. So you are not reading this, and you’re […]Continue Reading