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I had the privelage of seeing Seth Godin give a presentation at The 99% Conference in NYC this past spring. He’s a brilliant marketer and speaker with tons of great information. Here’s an embed of his talk on the importance of Tribes from TED 2009. By the way, Seth also has a great blog with […]Continue Reading


Jack O’Trade, a mannequin dressed as a JAY-K Associate, was created by Romanelli to be JAY-K’s handyman, Jack of all trades and unofficial mascot from their wildly popular billboards. They’ve put Jack back in action with a great new job: answering people’s questions. He’s showing up again on billboards, print ads and social media sites […]Continue Reading


We’ve always prided ourselves on embracing the latest in communications tools and strategies, and finding ways to reach more people more effectively for our clients. We’ve been helping them market themselves for over 35 years, and online since 1996, back when the only profitable websites featured gambling or pornography. Fortunately things have changed, and we’re […]Continue Reading


Saranac Launches New Website, Online Merchandising and Social Initiatives Retailers are finding it more important than ever to reach out to their customers and potential customers online. Store displays are a great way to reach shoppers, but today’s sophisticated consumers also expect an immersive online experience, with the opportunity for feedback, shared experiences through blogs, […]Continue Reading